Kevah: Jacob Heitler

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Jacob Heitler
Chairman of the Board

BA Applied Mathematics, Yale University
MBA Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Jacob Heitler is an entrepreneur by nature, whether he likes it or not. He has been part of Kevah’s founding team since its beginning - he thrives on the buzz of working with a small team on innovative projects. Jacob helped found Torque Interactive Media, which builds e-coaching applications; their flagship product, Power of Two, is an online program that helps couples learn new techniques to improve their relationships. He currently leads product development at LifeLink, a health technology startup.

Jacob's favorite book of the Bible is Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) and he hopes to learn more about Midrash in the coming years. He is thrilled by the regular times for learning that Kevah has brought into his adult life.

Jacob lives with his wife, Rachel, in Berkeley, California and gets his exercise riding his bike through the Berkeley hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

Photographs by Laura Turbow