Kevah: Participant FAQs

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Thank you for learning with Kevah! We've tried to address everything you might need, but please don't hesitate to contact our Group Support Coordinator at if you have any other questions about your current Kevah Group.

What do my membership costs cover?

Kevah standard membership costs contribute to part of the cost of educator training and compensation, logistical coordination, and the administrative support involved in launching and maintaining each personalized Group. Kevah also provides one-on-one support and coaching to help ensure the best possible learning experience. Kevah staff regularly check in with hosts and educators to get feedback and work closely with them to make any necessary tweaks throughout the Group’s time together.

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Where can I pay for my group?

Groups will be notified about registration and payment via email once their meeting schedule is set. Registration typically opens 2 weeks before the first group meeting, and participants are asked to register and pay no later than the second session.

Why do I need to fill out a registration form?

This registration helps us keep track of all Kevah learners and ensures we have your contact information in case we need to reach you. The form should take no more than five minutes to fill out.

What should I do if I need to cancel my group session at the last minute? 

Please read our full Kevah Group Cancellation Policy here.  

I only came to one group meeting; do I still have to pay the full amount?

We want everyone to be highly satisfied with their Kevah experience. Our goal is for every Kevah group to become a dedicated micro-community of participants who create a deep, fulfilling Jewish learning experience over time. We would love for you experience Kevah learning and community, so we invite you to attend a session. If you only attend one session and decide not to join the group, you may contact us at to discuss a refund. Please note that refunds must be processed by the group's scheduled third session.

Can I provide Kevah with feedback?

Yes! We love feedback from our learners, and we stay in close contact with our groups throughout the year. We send evaluations to participants twice a year, and we occasionally host focus groups to ask Kevah-niks how we can refine our programs to better serve them. Individual educators also solicit feedback from their groups on a regular basis. If you would like to provide us with feedback at a different point in the year, please feel free to call our office or email our Program Team at

Is there homework or outside studying required?

Kevah Groups are designed to provide a transformative, text-based, learning experience for all participants. Kevah educators have a wealth of knowledge that they bring to the table and will provide great texts for the group to explore during each session. Kevah and each of our many educators also understand that participants lead very busy lives and there is no expectation that participants will spend additional time studying outside of the group sessions unless otherwise requested by participants.

Photographs by Laura Turbow