Kevah: Educator FAQs

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Thank you for your interest in teaching for Kevah! We've tried to cover everything you might want to know, but please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any other questions.

If you are a current educator and need to confirm your teaching or are looking for other educator resources, please check out our Educator Resources.

What do Kevah Groups study?

Our groups study a wide range of topics. Our most popular subjects include:summer institute

  • Great Books (e.g. Bible, Prophets, Judges, Talmud, Midrash, Medieval Codes, Hasidic masters)
  • Audacious Questions (Jewish perspectives on sexuality, race, art, Zionism, food, God, etc.)
  • Parenting
  • Ethics
  • Rituals and Holidays
  • Women in the Bible
  • Philosophy
  • Environmental and Sustainability Issues
  • Food Justice and Mindfulness
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice Issues

Do I have to be a rabbi to teach a Kevah Group?

No! Kevah employs educators with a variety of backgrounds, including graduate and rabbinical schools, Jewish day schools, and other professional training. However, you must have at least one year of formal training in classical Jewish texts and be passionate about facilitating and engaging conversation for Jewish adults. If you would like to apply to be a Kevah educator, click here.

What kind of time commitment does being a Kevah educator require?

Groups have the option of meeting monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. A group that meets monthly will meet up to 10 times in a calendar year, a bi-weekly group will meet up to 16 times, and a weekly group will meet up to 32 times. We are most interested in educators who can teach at least once per week. Each meeting is generally 1-2 hours, depending on the group, and every educator, of course, will need to designate some amount of time to prepare, to consult with our Director of Education, and to check in periodically with our staff to be sure the group is running smoothly.

Does Kevah have curricular resources that educators can access?

Yes. If you are hired as a Kevah educator, we will provide you with access to our curricular resources.

Do educators come up with the source sheet material?

Kevah educators are responsible for creating their own source sheets. Our Director of Education will gladly discuss source material and walk you through our source sheet templates and curricular resources.

What is the level of Jewish knowledge of the average Kevah Group member?

Kevah is an inclusive organization that places significant emphasis on pluralism, and Kevah learners come from a wide variety of learning backgrounds and knowledge sets. Kevah will make sure to match you with a group of learners that is compatible with your teaching style; we also periodically offer educator workshops, and all of our new educators participate in an orientation with our Director of Education.

A friend wants to start a Kevah Group. Who should I tell them to call?

Please have them contact Kevah’s Program Team at so they can begin the launch process with them.

Photographs by Laura Turbow