Kevah: What Kevah Provides

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Kevah Group Hosts bring together people who choose what, when, and where they want to study; Kevah helps to successfully launch and maintain these Groups, empowering hosts to build a new kind of Jewish learning into their communities.
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We provide:

  • Kevah has assembled a pluralistic team of all-star educators, including rabbis, day school teachers, professors, graduate students and other professional Jewish educators. Kevah identifies and supports these outstanding Jewish educators and matches them with an appropriate Kevah Group
Curricular Support  
  • Kevah provides individualized curricular support to educators on topics from Bible to contemporary Jewish issues and everything in between. Kevah also offers training workshops and a mentorship program to help our educators continually improve their practice
Administrative and Group Support  
  • Kevah provides the administrative support to maximize the success of each Kevah Group, including templates and tips for recruiting participants, reminders before each meeting, collection of membership costs, educator compensation, and a dedicated staff member to help address issues when they arise 
Group and Educator Evaluations 
  • Kevah's evaluation system enables regular participant and educator feedback, allowing us to effectively identify strengths and growth opportunities, and to work with hosts and educators to continually improve the Group experience
Jewish Community
  • Kevah offers learning opportunities and social events to Kevah Group members and the larger Jewish community. Stay up to date on Kevah’s events in the San Francisco Bay Area and Colorado by liking our Facebook page!

Photographs by Laura Turbow